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Organic Boron humate
Organic Boron humate

Organic Boron humate

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Boron as B2O3 has been fused with humates and is presented as a 2 to 4 mm or 1 to 3 mm granule for easier application.

Boron is easily leached from the soil (particularly in low humus soils. Humic acid can fuse with boron in the root zone for the full crop cycle.

Function & Benefits:

Increasing physiological metabolism

Enhancing activity of enzyme

Retaining water and fight drought Industry

Being complexed into a humate colloid to create a slow-release response

Playing a critical role during the pollination stage of the reproduction process and the presence or lack of this element at this time can dramatically influence yield


1.Mixing 10-15g per kilo of feed for poultry like chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys

2.Mixing with Nitrogen fertilizer: 5% of total blend i.e, 5kgs of Boron Humate per 100kgs of Urea

3.  Including at 7 % of fertilizer rate. i.e. 7 kg of Boron Granules with every 100 kg of granular fertilizer but do not exceed 12 kg per ha

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