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Organic Nitro Humic Acid
Organic Nitro Humic Acid

Organic Nitro Humic Acid

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Nitro Humic Acid is one kind of high polymer heterogeneous aromatic material contains hydroxyl, carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl, nitryl and other active groups with black brown powder or granular form.

As high dispersion colloidal material, it’s acidic, slightly soluble in water.

Function & Benefits:

Increasing physiological metabolism

Enhancing activity of invivo enzyme

Retaining water and fight drought Industry

Improving the compact result caused by long-time using of chemical fertilizers

Neutralizing both acidic and alkaline soils as well as regulating PH-value of soil

Reducing nitrate leaking into the groundwater and protecting underground water

Increasing the effectiveness of herbicide, pesticide and fungicide


1. Using 50-100kgs/ha per crop season

2. Used as muti-functional compound and basal fertilizer, top dressing, seed fertilizer and foliar fertilizer

3. Effecting as soil ameliorator, plant growth stimulator and fertilizers efficiency improver and drilling fluid stabilizer

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